Ghost Hunting Equipment For Sale or Hire


We are a family run Australian paranormal investigation team with over 20 years’ experience in the paranormal field.

Based in Adelaide, we provide high quality ghost hunting detection equipment as well as protection and religious items for exorcisms and other metaphysical products.

Our belief is everyone should be well informed, prepared and protected whenever out in the field or working with energy

So, where to start?

Visit our online store to  purchase paranormal equipment as well as metaphysical products.

Listen to some paranormal tales on our podcast Out of the Darkness or read through our growing library of blogs and resources.

COMING SOON!!! Develop your psychic abilities with our online classes. 

Meet the team at D & A Paranormal Services here


Here at D & A Paranormal we also provide:

  • Investigations
  • Support and research assistance in the paranormal field
  • Training and guidance for young and new investigators
  • Assistance with clearings and exorcisms

If you require assistance or have any questions please contact us directly here and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.