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Activating Your Sigil

Activating Sigils

Activating your Sigil is the process of releasing the energy and intent within the symbol to begin its work. Upon activation the energy is released and begins to work on your subconscious or those that you give it to. Until activation occurs the energy simply holds within the image and it is just that an image.

Activating your Sigil can be done immediately after you create it or you can wait until a later time. Just remember activating your Sigil is an important part of the process, requiring extra time and a slightly different ritual. The following is a basic ritual for the most common method of activating your Sigil; the burning method.

If you have not read our blog on what Sigils are and how to draw them you can find it here, it contains all the details you need to complete this second part of the ritual to create your own Sigil

The rituals outlined here are guidelines to help you understand the process of activating your Sigil and therefore, are best suited to those just starting out with activating Sigils. As you become more comfortable with the process or have more experience with energy work and spellcasting you can adapt them to suit your own methods.

Remember to make it fun, they call it making magic for a reason, its meant to be special, make it your own, be creative and always follow your own intuition in both creating and activating your Sigil.

Why do you need to activate your Sigil?

As with any spell or energy work, we are effectively channelling the universal energy around us into what we are working on. When we create a Sigil, we are invoking the energy of our intention, what it is that we wish to call forward into our lives and directing it into the image. This energy is then built up within the symbol as you draw it. Upon activation the energy is released back to the universe with the essence of the Sigil, from this moment it begins working its magic around you. Until activation occurs the energy simply holds within the image.

Some will leave their Sigil to build its power and increase it s energy. You could put your Sigil in the moon, under a crystal grid, or you can place it in a sacred place such as your book of shadows until you are ready to activate it. There is no right or wrong way, the only rule is to follow what resonates with you and your intention for the sigil at that time.

To get started you will need the following items:

  • Your Sigil
  • Tracing paper or suitable paper to trace your Sigil, pencils, pens etc
  • a candle and fire safe bowl or pot
  • a quiet distraction free space with at approximately 30 minutes of time

Additional items you may like to include in your ritual:

  • candles – you may like basic white or you may like to colour coordinate for your desired outcome, for example Red for love, green for money etc
  • crystals – again clear quartz or specific crystals for your needs
  • incense to create sacred space or specific to your ritual. A good is the Nag Champa or Three Kings Basilica Ritual Incense

Your activation Ritual

Step 1: create your scared space and focus your mind

Turn everything off, turn down the lights and create a peaceful and sacred environment. You may like to light candles or incense or you may like to place items that represent the energy you are working with or items to increase your connection to spirit, such as crystals .

If you are doing the activation immediately after the invoking or drawing ritual you already have your sacred space ready and your mind is focused. If you are doing it later here is a quick reminder of the process.

Place the items you need to activate your Sigil on your work area, light some candles and incense and bring in any items you wish to include on your ritual such as crystals. When you are ready sit before your tools, close your eyes and breathe deep cleansing breathes, in through the nose and out through the mouth, do this as many times as you need to feel settled. Some people will use a sacred circle here, however a Sage smudging of the space is a suitable and common method.

Step 2: focus on your Sigil and invoke its meaning

Light your candle and meditate on your Sigil and its intention. When you feel ready, we are going to trace over the Sigil so you have a second one that you will burn and an original to keep. This is also known as invoking your Sigil, invoking its meaning.

Trace over your Sigil so you can keep the original. Some people like to burn the original and never use it again or even think about it again. This is your personal choice. I keep all of mine in a binder using the sleeves designed for collector cards to store them. This binder is sacred and like my book of shadows.

This also helps if you are using a Sigil you found on a website or in a book, this allows you to make it your own.

Step 3: Burning your Sigil

Once you have traced the Sigil and are happy, draw a circle around the Sigil. This encases your magic within the symbol. Cut or tear carefully around your sigil, this is simply to reduce the size of the paper you will be burning for safety and ease.

Now hold the Sigil to the flame and allow it to burn away in the bowl. If it does not completely burn it does not matter, if it is lit by the candle the magic is activated and released.

This Sigil is now activated and you can use it anyway you like. For example we created a Sigil of protection for our house so drawing it on the ground underneath our front door mat is one example of how we use it. If you have created a Sigil for your personal life engraving it on a candle and burning it in your home is another. The possibilities are endless.

Be an active part of your magic

Now it is up to you to step out and Do. If you have made a Sigil because you want to travel you will now have to take active steps to help bring it about. Magic opens doors and highlights our path ahead it does not hand to us a on a silver platter while we are sitting on our lounge with the shades drawn never participating in the world.

There are many ways to activate Sigils if you are interested in different methods check out my blog 5 Ways to activate Sigils you may not know about. The method itself is not important as understanding the reasons why we do it. When we draw our Sigil we are invoking its power or essence, when we activate it we are releasing this energy back to the universe with a very unique key within it: the intention of our Sigil. As long as these two steps are present the methods are for you to find the one which clicks with you and your own unique gifts.

Practice makes perfect…

If you would like to practice activating Sigils there are plenty of websites that have Sigils you may use and activate yourself free of charge. My favourite so far are But there is nothing as special as the Sigil you draw for yourself and practicing the process will only make your Sigils more powerful. They also make amazing additions to other items such as engraved in candles, woven into spell or charms bags.

Over time you will also be able to create and activate a Sigil anywhere you find yourself in need, by understanding the activating ritual you are able to use different methods depending on your surroundings and what you have on hand. I have drawn one in the dirt and blown it away; creation and activation.  

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