What is telepathy

Is Telepathy Real?

Do you believe in Telepathy and other powers of the mind? Is this skill really something we are capable of and how can we learn to communicate with our mind? Read more here to find out whether you have telepathic abilities...


How to Draw Sigils

Sigils are symbols we create for a specific purpose. A Sigil can be drawn to protect your home, clear negative entities, bring deep sleep or a new job. To find out how you can learn to draw your own Sigils read more here...

Activating Sigils

Activating Your Sigil

Sigils are sacred symbols we can create for many uses in our daily life and also to release negative entities. Activating your Sigil releases the energy and intent and allows it to begin to work its magic. to find out how to activate your Sigil read more here...


Develop the Power of Psychometry

Much like having a medium walk through a location it can be of great benefit to your investigation to have a skilled psychometrist touch and read from such objects. Haunted dolls, or museum items and items on display in haunted locations are all possible examples of what could be used in this type of research.

Trigger object banks

Trigger Object Banks

Trigger Object Banks are common tools of paranormal investigation. This term refers to a collection of objects which can be used to encourage a response from an entity.

What is a residual haunting

What is Residual Haunting?

According to many paranormal investigator’s residual hauntings are the most common type of haunting. It is basically described as a playback of a past event. These playbacks if you like, can result in repeated, auditory, visual, or other sensory phenomena. It is thought that unlike an intelligent haunting, a residual haunting does not involve a spiritual entity that is aware of its surroundings, or the living world around it.

The medal of St benedict

The Medal of St Benedict and why it makes the Devil flee

The Medal of St. Benedict is well known for its ability to protect against demonic influences, diabolical and haunting influences as well as protecting you from temptation, delusion or being tormented by evil spirits.

Ghosts, Demons and Poltergeists

Ghosts, Demons and Poltergeists

Ghosts, demons and poltergeists are terms we are familiar with these days but how do we know the difference between them and how they manifest in the physical. Commonly people will use these three terms to describe many different experiences and it can be confusing to those just starting out to separate them. Here is a look at the differences between ghosts, demons and poltergeists and what causes them to haunt us? Or in the case of demons, they are not wanting to haunt us, but rather seeking to possess.