What Services do D & A Paranormal Offer

  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Support and research assistance in the paranormal field
  • Training and guidance for young and new investigators
  • Assistance with clearings and exorcisms

What Products do D & A Paranormal Offer

We have a range of Paranormal detection equipment for both sale and hire. 

We also have a large range of religious and metaphysical items including blessed medals, incense, crystals, jewellery and more


Can you help me if I think my house is haunted

We certainly can. Our team are experienced investigators and are on hand to assist you find the answers you need.

Please head to our contact page  

Include as many details as possible about the activity occurring including any steps you have taken to determine what is the cause or attempted to resolve the issue.

Can I send photos or other evidence for help

Curious about a photo or possible EVP but aren’t sure if its paranormal or not. Or you may even wish to share your story and capture with our readers and listeners

 We always welcome those who would like to share their findings and captures in safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Contact us here or head to our facebook or instagram page 

Do you ship internationally

Yes we do please contact us for assistance 

What is the process when ordering a custom item

When ordering a custom built item from our store please keep in mind

The builder may require several weeks to complete your item especially if you make additional customisations. 

The item will be shipped to you directly from the builder.

You may direct any questions regarding shipping or the item to D & A Paranormal and we will forward them to the builder.