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Is Telepathy Real

What is telepathy

Is Telepathy real and what exactly is it? The quick answer; telepathy is the ability to read another’s mind and yes it is very real. Learning to develop the skill of telepathy is not much different to learning any other extra sensory skill, although there is suggestion it is not a psychic skill but rather a technology of our brain. Which would mean everyone can do it we just need some help to unlock it. In this blog I will take a look at how telepathy works and provide practical exercises used in many psychic development classes to teach telepathy.

Telepathy defined

Telepathy is defined in the dictionary as an ability to know what is in someone else’s’ mind, or to communicate with someone mentally, without using words or other physical signals. The word telepathy comes from the Greek words Tele meaning from a distance or afar and Pathy meaning feeling (it also means suffering, emotion and disorder depending on the word preceding it). For example, the system of treatment of disease when it is homeopathy. In the English language the word telepathy was coined in 1882 by English psychologist Frederic Myers. Myers was one of the founding members and President of the Society for Psychical Research in the late 1800’s.

In Oberon Ravenhearts’ book A Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard telepathy is defined as meaning remote feelings. To literally feel and know what others are thinking. He goes on to state…

“…telepathy is the word used for direct mind-to mind communication of thoughts and images, rather than just feelings. Telepathy involves “hearing” the thoughts of others (“mind reading”), or being able to project your thoughts to others.”

Psychic skill or normal brain capability

What if it isn’t just a supernatural skill that only some possess or something we can learn in a psychic development class? What if it is a technology built into our brains, we all possess the technology we have simply forgotten its existence. One explanation of telepathy by Sadhguru backs up the notion it is a function we can all access if we have the right mindset. It would mean a belief in spiritual or psychic abilities is not the key at all because it’s a physical function of our brain. It would change how people perceive their own ability to learn how to do it. Or as he says in his video – it is not about learning but developing the right mindset.

Telepathic Flashes

We all have moments of telepathic flashes; think of the times we say something to which our friend replies ‘I was just thinking that’. How about when you call someone and they say you just popped into their mind or you are thinking of getting up for a drink and your partner comes into the room with one for you.

These are what I call telepathic flashes. You are not trying to send your partner a telepathic message to bring you a drink and they believe it is simply an idea they had.

Telepathic flashes are important, if you can hold onto to those moments, confirm them\ you will find it happens more and more. Telepathic flashes are also more common with people you are closest to. We have all said to someone it’s like you know what I’m thinking. These are often the people we feel safest being entirely open with. When we are totally open and relaxed on all levels (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) telepathic experiences will flow quite easily.

Conscious Telepathic Communication

Others are capable of accurate and conscious telepathic communication. A great example is the act known as the ‘Clairvoyants” on America’s Got Talent. They had quite the knack for telling the audience what was in their heads and pockets. Even the judges handbags were telepathically picked by their amazing talent. Some are less courageous than to stand on live television and show their skill. But this kind of accurate and conscious telepathic ability is possible with practice. Like anything how much time you invest in practice will determine how well you can use it on demand.

Telepathy Training Exercises: What you need

There are many ways to practice telepathic communication. Here are 3 easy exercises you can do with a partner and track your progress.  Below I have provided a progress tracking worksheet.

Before the internet or metaphysical shops on every corner we would make our own telepathic training cards. It was super easy. There were four categories if you like.

  • Shapes: Circle, Triangle, Square, Star etc
  • Numbers: 1-10
  • A variety of colours: We simply cut out squares of coloured paper
  • Basic words such as car, house or love.

If you are not much of an artist writing the word Circle etc is enough. ensure the backs are all the same colour or design. Stick them onto a plain piece of paper so the backs are identical.

If you do not wish to make your own you can use a plain deck of playing cards or household items to practice the following exercises.

Exercise one

Shuffle your cards. Randomly select a card to send. Our partner is to have their eyes closed. In your mind send the image or word on the card to your partner. Imagine you are saying to them aloud and they acknowledge they hear you. We will give it a moment, the receiver should call out the first intuitive impression they have. Remember go with your first impression, avoid over thinking it.

Helpful Hint: Verbal and Imagery: Try sending the actual image of the symbol i.e. a circle to start with, then try sending the verbal word ‘Circle’. Alternating between an image and oral cues will help you to understand whether you are clairaudient (hearing) or visual (seeing) for example. You can play around with this and see if you are naturally stronger at one or the other.

Continue until you have tried all the cards you have selected and then switch roles. Remember to record your progress with the worksheet provided.

You can try each section individually i.e. Numbers, Shapes, Colours, General. Or combine them all together.

Exercise Two

Items: Select 5 household or personal items such as jewellery a mug or even a photo and repeat exercise one.

Helpful Hint: At first each person should know what the items are, to make it more difficult select items without your partner knowing what they are.

Exercise Three

Hot and Cold: Remember the game Hot and Cold where you would guide someone to an item by telling them if they were hot or cold. Hot being close to the item, cold being nowhere near it. We are going to play this game with a partner only you will use your mind to communicate if they are hot or cold. Select three household or personal items. Take it in turns placing them around your home and only through thinking about its location guide the other person to find it. Record your progress.

The aim is to get to a point where you can speak with someone almost entirely without speech or physical cues. My teacher and I will do this when working on a project; without speaking we will simply be able to understand what we are creating together. In other circumstances with people who are telepathic it eliminates the need to try and explain something visual. We can simply say the name of a place or item and allow the picture in our mind to relay the visual aspect of the conversation.

It is generally believed ghosts and other spirits communicate telepathically with us and practicing this skill can have many benefits to healing modalities as well as paranormal investigating sessions.

Trusting yourself and your ability is the main hurdle. If someone pops in your head with a pull to speak to them do it – you will likely receive confirmation they were in fact thinking of you. When this happens a few times, you will feel more confident in the skill and then communication can be beneficial and practical.

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