Natural Copper Trigger Coils



Natural Copper Trigger Coils for Paranormal Investigation

Handcrafted from Natural Copper

Set of Four $25

Each Measures approx. 5cm in length

Your natural Copper Trigger Coil set comes in a box for safe storage between use.

Our Handcrafted  Natural Copper Trigger Coils are created using natural copper and a bell.

Use your Copper Tigger Coils during paranormal investigations where you would use any other kind of trigger object.

What is a trigger object?

A trigger object is any object you wish to use to encourage a spirit to communicate. This can be a torch, a toy, a ball, or even specially designed paranormal devices. The item can be something general or an item relevant to the spirit or location.

Ensure they are on a flat surface out of draughts and have your camera ready to capture any movement or sound.

Place your trigger objects anywhere you feel activity may be taking place.

Using a single trigger object is useful for detecting if a spirit is nearby and basic questioning. To determine if you are speaking with an intelligent spirit more than one is ideal. We provide you with four so you can utilise this technique.

These coils work well in conjunction with other investigation tools

Copper is a well-known energy conductor making it a common material in divining and paranormal detection devices such a Dowsing Rods and Pendulums, for instance.

The bell gives the user the added benefit of being able to leave the object in a place they cannot see and rely on the sound of the bell if needed. For example, cupboards, trunks, closets etc. Or even hung by a cord from doorways/doorknobs. When a spirit passes by the bell will sound.


Note: Natural Copper does tarnish over time to remove this they can be dipped into jewelry cleaner. Copper is a soft metal and should be used with care to avoid bending the coils.


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