Paranormal Investigation Portal Lite



Paranormal Investigation Portal Lite

Paranormal Investigation Portal Devices are built to enhance and clarify your EVP sessions.

This portal device is extremely lightweight and one of the most compact version of a portal yet. This version is the most basic of all the portal devices available and does not include the Hall of Fame 2 pedal which controls all your reverb and echo or the Sway A JoYo Rechargeable pedal pack.

This is a great portal if you are on a budget or are just starting out in the paranormal field.

Built in Australia by Paranormal Investigators for Paranormal Investigators and distributed by D & A Paranormal Services

Your Paranormal Investigation Portal Device includes

5w amp

A noise gate pedal

All leads included

To use this device a spirit box radio, hacked radio receiver, or phone/tablet app is required. (not included)

Power: 2 x 9v battery. During testing this unit had a run time of 8 plus hours without running out of battery power at all.

Weighing approx. 710gms

What is a Portal Device

The Original Portal device was created by Steve Huff and was based on the Geo Port made famous by Nick Groff in Paranormal Lockdown. The device is created by using a noise gate, reverb and echo pedals connected to a small amp and spirit box (NOTE: Spirit Box not included).

Once connected to a spirit box, the portal can be utilized to enhance EVP’s captured without the choppy white noise which is heard through a spirit box. You will therefore hear a clean and isolated version of what is coming through your spirit box or app, making for better captures from your paranormal investigation.

This device makes it far easier to hear clear spirit communication however due to their experimental nature spirit communication is not guaranteed.

Paranormal Investigation Portal Lite Device is purpose built for you upon ordering and there may be a build time of 1 to 2 weeks although usually your Portal will be built within a few days. as they are purpose built occasionally colours etc may alter slightly from the images provided.

The Paranormal Investigation Portal Device is built in Australia and distributed by D & A Paranormal Services Australia Wide

To see the Portal Device and watch our tutorial visit us here 

Price $199 plus shipping

Also Available – Standard Portal and Portal Plus

Additional information

Weight.700 kg
Dimensions16 × 7 × 14 cm


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