Starter Paranormal Investigation Kit



Starter Paranormal Investigation Kit

Our Paranormal Equipment Kits are a great way to get your equipment collection started or add to your teams collection.

Our Starter Paranormal Investigation Kit has you covered for EMF, Temperature testing and a trigger object to check if spirits would like to communicate.

The Starter Paranormal Investigation Kit Includes

Meterk EMF Meter with inbuilt ambient temperature sensor and LCD digital readout

Light up Sensory Ball


Meterk Handheld EMF Meter with digital readout

This Meterk Handheld EMF Meter with digital readout can test electronic field radiation, magnetic field and is fitted with an inbuilt ambient temperature sensor. With easy to read LCD digital screen.

Lightweight, with easy to read LCD digital screen it is easy to use and very accurate in the field. A great addition to any paranormal investigators toolkit.

Sound-light Alarm – When the test result exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically. This can be silenced.
Data Hold & Max Measurement – One-key lock the radiation value.
Large & Clear Backlit LCD Display
Easy to Operate with Easy One-hand Operation
Measure the Environment Temperature  – with 2 temperature units (℃ and ℉).

Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V AAA Battery (Included)

How to use an EMF Meter to Investigate

An EMF Meter is a must have for a paranormal investigator. It can be used to take base line readings and determine areas where EMF is already present. When there is no existing EMF and the unit detects the presence of a reading we can then begin the process of attempting to communicate with what is causing a spike in EMF.

If the unit is registering a spike in EMF the unit itself can be used as a communication tool by asking the spirit to touch the Meter therefore creating it to spike again. As with all research in this field we suggest have a camera to capture the session on video.

The built in temperature sensor will alert you to rising or falling temperatures. this is different to a laser thermometer also common in the paranormal field. Laser thermometers are used to detect hot or cold spots which move – ambient temperature sensors are used to detect a rise or fall in one area. Both have benefits and can be used together or on their own.

Motion Activated Light Up LED Trigger Ball

What began as a cat toy has exploded in the paranormal field as an accessible and affordable option for people to see if there is a spirit nearby. The sensitivity of these items has proven highly effective in the paranormal field.

How do the balls work:

The clear plastic orb is fitted with LED lights and motion sensors. One small tap and the lights are triggered. The on off button conserves your battery when not in use. The bright light means it is even useful in complete darkness (this is extra handy if you do not have InfraRed lighting).

You will often hear these referred to as a trigger object. So, what is a trigger object?

These flashing balls are also called Flashing Cat Balls, Sensory Toys and Ghost-Hunting Cat Balls.

A trigger object is any object you wish to use to encourage a spirit to communicate. This can be a torch, a toy, a ball, or even specially designed paranormal devices. The item can be something general or an item relevant to the spirit or location. Place your trigger objects anywhere you feel activity may be taking place.

How to use the light up ball as a trigger object:

Ensure your light up balls are on a flat surface out of any draughts. This will help ensure any movement is not from environmental causes.

Using a single motion activated light up ball is useful for detecting if a spirit is nearby and basic questioning. To determine if you are speaking with an intelligent spirit more than one is ideal.

They can also be used in conjunction with other investigation tools



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