The Ghost Meter PRO Ghost Hunting EMF Meter


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The Ghost Meter PRO Ghost Hunting EMF Meter

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The Ghost Meter Pro Ghost Hunting Meter is a specialized EMF Meter, purpose built for ghost hunting. This device detects electromagnetic fields in several modes.

It has been designed with sophisticated detection of low frequency and radio frequency fields.

It uses active and passive filtering circuitry to separate power line and cell phone radiation from unpredictable, intermittent fields, which researchers associate with paranormal activity.

Uses a single 9V  battery (not included)

The Ghost Meter Pro has 4 modes of detection:

Mode 1: The meter looks for intermittent patterns and EMF patterns that accompany them.  When it finds a positive pattern (intermittent and unpredictable wave cresting and building) it opens the filters to allow paranormal activity signals to conduct a séance.  It finds recent signals with little time echo, representing modern activity.  A typical visit lasts 20 to 50 seconds, with energies being represented with sound, light and needle activity.

Mode 2: This special mode detects older paranormal signals, which are weaker and have more echoes from reflections and interactions with other signals.  Older paranormal activity is historical.

Mode 3: Here the meter is a normal Gauss meter and it looks for EMF fields (low and radio frequency.)  Sometimes these fields are power lines and cell phones, but look for intermittent behaviour.

Mode 4: This sophisticated mode uses filtering to detect patterns that signal harmonics representing coupling, echoing and resonance.  Once a séance is established, a paranormal session will have the meter quiet down to listen for direction from the patterns.  Positive patterns (cresting, resonance building, reinforcing) are shown with needle, light and sound activity in the meter. Negative patterns (valleys, cancellations, directed entropy signal loss) are expressed differently.

In Mode 4 you can direct the meter to respond with one or two “pings” for positive or negative answers. This way you can establish intelligent communication.


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