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Trigger Object Banks

Trigger object banks

Trigger Object Banks are common tools of paranormal investigation. This term refers to a collection of objects which can be used to encourage a response from an entity.

Trigger Objects are believed to be enticing to entities for one reason or another and when we use them correctly, they can be useful in not only detecting the presence but the level of intelligence of the entity. Trigger objects are best used in combination with other equipment especially a video camera. Ideally, we are aiming to capture as much of this activity as possible, this helps us to rule out a physical or environmental cause of the activity. So, how do we use trigger objects in the hopes of capturing credible evidence?

Creating your trigger object bank

Your trigger object bank will grow and change over time. What is useful in one location may not yield any results in another. It is useful to create a basic trigger bank – this will contain items that you take on all investigations. You will then add to this based on specific locations and types of investigations.

Examples of the items we recommend you include in your basic trigger object bank:

  • Light up Trigger balls
  • A torch which has an easy on/off function a spirit could manipulate
  • Pens or pencils
  • Dice
  • Cards ( I also include tarot cards)
  • Toy cars
  • Balls
  • Army Men or similar
  • Dolls
  • Bible or other religious items – darker or angry spirits will not like these objects in their space and is a method of detection of darker spirits, salt also fits into this category of objects.
  • Salt and flour – because there is nothing wrong with the old fashioned footprints in flour or a broken salt circle
  • Candles
  • Music – having the ability to play music in certain locations is very helpful and we recently had a lot of activity occur in the Old Adelaide Gaol by playing music which would have been the latest releases at the time

Specialized items for specific locations may include

  • Alcohol – pubs, hotels etc
  • Handcuffs – gaols, asylums etc
  • Medical items – old hospitals
  • Military items – battle fields
  • Items specific to a person or timeframe – private residence

While there are some great specially built trigger objects around (ie boobear), really anything can be used as a trigger object.

Capturing your evidence

It is important to use other equipment alongside your trigger objects. The most important is a video camera, whether you intend to leave you trigger items unattended or stay in the room you need to be able to film as much of your environment simultaneously as possible. This will help show no one else is making the item move for example.

We want to capture as much of the room or location and devices as possible from different angles although you may only have one video camera. A tripod makes this easier.

It is also helpful if you have EMF readers and temperature sensors to log any fluctuations in the area that may coincide with your trigger object being activated. You would set these up nearby and constantly reading. This is important if something should move during the course of your investigation, and there is no logical reason for the movement. Matching up your data will help you to determine any environmental or physical cause.  

Using trigger objects to detect intelligence

We can leave trigger objects unattended while we investigate the other areas and review our footage later to see if there is anything moving when no one is around. However, we can also use our trigger objects to ask questions and determine intelligence.

We can do this by remaining in the room and asking the entity you believe is present to interact with the object. Give them direction, i.e. can you push the ball

If you receive a response you can continue to ask questions which require a yes no answer. For example Can you touch the ball if you passed away here – if the ball moves we take this as a yes.
If we use the popular Touch activated light up Balls as an example we can use two of them and ask the entity to touch the one on the left or the one on right in response to your questions. This can not only help us get answers helpful to the investigation it shows a level of intelligence that can rule out residual haunting as a cause.

Do the items need to be relevant to the location?

Do items need to be relevant? It can certainly be helpful to have objects relevant to your location or the specific entity you know is present. One example, would be laying out toys in a school. If you were in  a pub or hotel one might use a cigarette or shot of alcohol. You can be as specific as you like depending on how much you know about the location. If you know at one point it was used as an illegal gambling hose perhaps casino chips, cards or cash might work well.

If you are aware of a specific spirit you may like to have something connected to that person, a photo, a personal possession. For example, if you knew a person loved a particular song you may play this song during your investigation sessions.

Recreation as a trigger

It is possible to encourage a response from entities by recreating an event which they may have experienced in that location. An example of this is handcuffing a person and walking them into a cell in a gaol. Although this can be time consuming it is a very useful and powerful method of investigation.

While the scenario described above is using people to recreate an event in the hopes it stimulates a response form the spirits who possibly experienced that event it is also believed some people are ‘trigger objects’ themselves.

Their energy is almost like an EM Pump (a device designed to give off electromagnetic pulses of energy giving an entity an energy source to manifest from) If you know someone who seems to always encounter the paranormal, they may well be a trigger person and handy on your next investigation since our bodies are one of the most precise devices we have. People can also be diffusers and settle paranormal activity down. This can be helpful in some situations too.

As we can see a trigger object can be any object you wish to use to encourage a spirit to communicate. Over time you will come to have your favourites and build quite a collection, remember to have your camera ready to capture any interactions as well as documenting the environment as much as possible. Start small and add more as you become more experienced in using trigger objects.

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