Welcome Page

A welcome letter from D & A Paranormal Services

Heading up the team is Angela a trained Usui Reiki Master and the teams Lead Intuitive Paranormal Investigator and teacher

Hello and welcome! Whether you found yourself here by accident or intent we hope you discover the answer you seek. You will find many topics and examples of my work here including written work, podcasts, courses (coming soon) covering topics on all things supernatural and paranormal – including spiritual healing and deliverance, hauntings, angels and demons, and more. We also have a range of products both paranormal equipment and metaphysical wares necessary for a life lived with magic.

I have trained in the Usui System of Reiki since 2001, becoming a Reiki Master in 2014 and have dedicated my life to working with  energy both; the dark and the light. I began studying psychic development and reading techniques at 14 and began to work professionally as a healer at just 20.

Reiki opened up a whole new journey and allowed me to begin to understand I saw darkness in a particular way;  I could detect it and sniff it out so to speak eventually leading me to learn deliverance techniques– while I am a trained healer and reader my main work lies in helping those afflicted or harassed by the darkness and spirits

As well as learning energy work and investigating the paranormal I have spent many years exploring the power of prayer work and how it can be used to infuse items with the sacred energy of the universe. You can see my creative work here on my etsy store, some is also available in our main store 

Over my journey so far I have spent many years learning about magic, energy, the light and the darkness and how we can deliver ourselves and others from its grip. As a healer and intuitive paranormal investigator I have a wide range of skills and strive to share my knowledge with those who share this path.

Joining Angela are her Husband Dave and their older children who also share the gift of being Reiki channels and intuitive investigators

If you have questions contact us here we always happy to help